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People falling hard in Slow Motion

with u guys kind of music!


by Stephen

submitted May 22nd 2006

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OMG, that dog one is probibly in my top 5 funniest internet videos, I nearly shit myself watching that
12 years ago
AHAHAHAHA that fucking dog. ahahahahaha

omg I was rolling
12 years ago

12 years ago
Dog wins!
12 years ago
haha yeah the dog was best.. but if the last one with the two diving boards went wrong..
that would have hurt!
12 years ago
Ah... I miss the classics.
12 years ago
For some reason I thought this was going to be a video of people who were jumping from buildings and what not in attempts of suicide or being "forced" to because of the building on fire. Put that music from this clip on a compilation of that and you have comedy gold!
12 years ago
Spinning dogs are always a winner
12 years ago
haha nice contrast at the end. That guy's got some good balance.
hahahah spinning dog! What the hell was that beige thing the young kid was catapulted off of? I want one :D
12 years ago
this is a must see, just for that dog
12 years ago
so stay back over there ...behind that mark cuz if you dont?..you might get hit by a spark. the steam that i create will break you out into rshes or these rhymes will turn you into ashes! thers no defence for this blazn heat it could make you melt right there in your SEAT! ahaha this is tooo funny :D
12 years ago
The dog was great :D

Well fucking played to the guy at the end tho.
12 years ago
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