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Average Homeboy renturns.

Blazin Hazen is back. We all knew he could basketball from watching his 1st video but who knew he was such a accomplished diver.

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by Stephen

submitted May 22nd 2006

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This is Hazen's world... We're just living in it.
12 years ago
The beggining of the wigger...
12 years ago
I'm sure with this video he's probably inadvertently cornered the very niche homo-rap segment by now.
12 years ago
12 years ago
To be honest, his rhyme scheme follows 2 Live Crew's late 80's style.
So he must have thought he was cool for the time.
I think he did his music and graphics on a Commodore 64 though.
....he does seem a little slow though, you know, mentally...
which only confirms my theory=Rap is for talentless stupid people.
Only the stupid have unrelenting drive like this to churn out extremely lame crap while they think they're "Blazin".

12 years ago
god i hate this guy.. and the videos! it's too painful to listen to. just so fucking boring, god!
12 years ago
he's definetly improving his rap skills.. i'm sure on the third video we'll see him with short bleached hair and with a record contract with Dr. Dre.
12 years ago
The difference between this guy and everyone else on here is that he did this in the 80's when rap was emerging and he didn't know any better.

You jackasses buy this shit now and pretend to be all hard and you know better! Please, everyone one of you owes a rap album or some sort, that and a Britney Spears CD.
12 years ago
poor video quality- his voice is delayed a little more than the music
12 years ago
so stay back over there ...behind that mark cuz if you dont?..you might get hit by a spark. the steam that i create will break you out into rshes or these rhymes will turn you into ashes! thers no defence for this blazn heat it could make you melt right there in your SEAT!
12 years ago
the sad thing is this guy is SERIOUS.. omfg...
12 years ago
wow...i never knew he was serious lmfaooooooo 70 songs..too worthless to ever hear 1
12 years ago
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