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How to play fetch in GTA V


by 2toned

submitted September 18th 2013

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seemed like a good idea at the time
5 years ago
Alright, when you are posting something, you will notice a multitude of small white boxes. You use these boxes and fill them in to describe your post.

For instance, you will but in a name for your post, what category it should go in (and the only reason you probably put that in is because you couldn't proceed without doing it), what file you are uploading, where on the internet you found it, but also at the end there is a box for tags.

You enter tags into this box so that other users can search for submissions based on the content included in these tags. Tag examples can be anything from "dog" to "strawberry death Volvo". It not only helps you to search for reposts but also assists other users to find similar content.

So start putting tags, you greasy worthless piss-drinking snot-faced uncultured imbecile.
5 years ago
Oh, and don't forget to keep smiling.
5 years ago
You lost me at uncultured
5 years ago
You got that far?
5 years ago
5 years ago
More internet stupidity?
5 years ago
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