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Dog Fighting

Pretty humane dog fighting in Japan, dogs never really get hurt due to the thick skin of the Tosa breed.


by fuz

submitted May 22nd 2006

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They don't get hurt due to their think skin? DOES THICK SKIN PROTECT THEIR FUCKING EYES?
12 years ago
fucking horrible
11 years ago
12 years ago
Still seems like they would train them to fight which can include beating the shit out of the dog as a puppy to get it tough. I dunno, dont really care nor does Japan... Was that video (i dont think it was on mucho) of the bitch smashing a puppy and kitten Japanese?
12 years ago
They need Kuroko with the two flags!

How come they didn't make a video game about this?
12 years ago
WHO CARES!?!?!?!!
12 years ago

ask her...
12 years ago
i dunno bout that gay ass referee, wtf u need one of those for a dog fight for?
12 years ago
Not that anyone cares.
It's korean.
12 years ago
I meant humane as in the dogs dont fight to the death compared to ones that happen in back gardens an places. I dont care what anyone thinks i enjoy watching bloodsports whether its animals fightings or being hunted. If anyone feels that strongly stop eating meat wearing leather and go fuck your weirdo friends at PETA.
12 years ago
I feel that strongly about it, i am going to set these people up with my pit and then deal with them accordingly, hopefully your there fuz
12 years ago
Ha ha you condone using your pit to attack people over a personal beliefe but its not alright to use them to fight for entertainment or money.
12 years ago
are you a fuckin retard or what?? i said I will deal with you fucking nubs accordingly you fucking sand nigger
12 years ago
i clearly must be seen as i cant understand your incoherent ramblings. nubs!! i take it the only social life you have is internet based
12 years ago
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