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Crosswalk Crippling


by DangerousDug

submitted September 16th 2013

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Nice parking.
5 years ago
dug you liar
it was the fuckers on the bikes fault
5 years ago
Yeah.... did you see that fucker on the bike cracked the cars plastic bumper. Bumpers are expensive he should pay for it.
5 years ago
What's with the two idiots on each corner running up, turning, and running away?
5 years ago
Must.. Get.. Camera
5 years ago
That's good
5 years ago
Love how the other biker just stops and looks on from the corner.
5 years ago
Bro, you good? Hurry up.
5 years ago
This needs to happen more in Denver. Fucking hipster suicyclists...
5 years ago
Dumbass bikers...

Who the fuck just crosses at the crosswalk without at least making sure traffic is going to stop?
5 years ago
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