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Four hot girls, a bed, and plenty of milk


What more could you ask for in a video. Four gorgeous girls - one on the bed getting lots of dirty stuff done to her and the other three really enjoying themselves :) A very unique video. 18+


by Theck

submitted May 21st 2006

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*sigh* I don't somethings just don't need to be recorded.
12 years ago
jap shit video
12 years ago
i saw her positioning....then i turned it off. im tired of seeing people shitting on other people.lol
12 years ago
I shit. You shit. We all shit for Jap shit!
12 years ago
right as soon as i saw someone positioning themself in the 'i'm gonna crap' position....click! Off.
12 years ago
THeck if I knew where you lived I would come fuckin murder you and then take a huge dump in your mouth you sick motherfucking bastard!!!!!!!
12 years ago
He does seem to have a rather extensive amount of shit porn.

GETDOWN!!!, email theck. He may have some videos of people just plain shitting to tickle your pickle
12 years ago
Something made me check the comments first, maybe it's the fact that this is MuchoSucko after all.
Three hot girls doing something to one hot girl.
Sounds too good to be true, and with MuchoSucko, usually it is.
Aah, what the fuck. I'm gonna watch it anyway. If I didn't want to see shit like this, I wouldn't be here.
12 years ago
I ALMOST turned it off early, but if I had, I would have missed the hilarious "butt milk canon x 3!"

Now poop and milk aside, what made me laugh most was the guy whispering the commands...lol...classic.

I'm so glad I didn't turn it off early like these other pussies above.
12 years ago
^ exactly... don't let this one slip by you... the "milk cannon" is worth the price of admission...
12 years ago
I see, it's a new class at Tokyo University, "How to simulate farm animal excrement 101" combined with an extra course in runaway milk production...
12 years ago
HOLY SHIT that was hilarious. when the three of them were squirting milk the suond of the girl on the left just made me fucking crack up.
12 years ago
LOL @ the girl on the left, thats some strong clenching muscles!

Oscar for best director?
12 years ago
WHY does theck only post shit porn ? Why do you let him yak??? It is always the same! And he likes it! Stop it! At least post shit porn that's the amazingly disgusting kind, or unbelievable. Does he tip you or something?
12 years ago
/me feels proud of myself
12 years ago
everyone tip's yak. if you know what i mean. ;fdgf;hgf;shg;ghrtsdfsdf
12 years ago
Pity help the poor bastard who has to clean up the hotel room. Going to have to get myself one of those injectors - imagine the farts you could drop if you had it filled with air!
12 years ago
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