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vrolik museum


The Museum Vrolik is centered on the tremendous number of objects collected by Gerardus Vrolik (1775-1859) and his son, Willem Vrolik (1801-1863) —both of whom served as professors of anatomy at Athenaeum Illustre, the forerunner to the University of Amsterdam. Gerardus began amassing his thousands of anatomical, botanical and zoological specimens in 1795, which Willem later continued to add onto and distill into academic categories. This private collection came to be known as Museum Vrolikianum.


by severum

submitted September 14th 2013

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vrolik museum
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That petrified harlequin is just asking for it.
5 years ago
Them froh-licks are crazy.
5 years ago
When I die I'm going to donate my body to either some crazy artist or to a museum, one never gets tired of seeing stuff in jars
5 years ago
Oh lezlobos. You are a riot.
5 years ago
I wanted to start preserving deformed kits but apparently formaldehyde isn't something one can just readily purchase :(
5 years ago
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