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furious angels - pride hl

great editing of pride fighting clips


by jigsaw99

submitted May 20th 2006

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12 years ago
...did that last guy die?
12 years ago
I think that the fighters in Pride fc are overall better than ufc. Especially Fedor and co. That guy is unstoppable. I have the utmost respect for all MMA fighters though.
12 years ago
Damn, I wonder who fucked up cro-cop like that in the beginning.
12 years ago
DDDAAAAMMMNNNN!! that was bad ass. i thought for a minute red sent it in but then i saw who sent it......fucking awesome vid jigsaw!!!
12 years ago
Cro-cop dosnt go down so easy he beat Vanderlei Silva for Championship, that last guy at the end getting his head smashed into the ground was Fedor Emelianenkov...or something. After that guy dropped him he just got up and knocked him out. His brother is in the UFC also hes even better, he looks like hes always drunk then he just hits so fast the other fighter dosnt even have time to react.
12 years ago
lol@ evan better htan fedor i duno how u wud come to that conclusion when fedors conciderd the best
11 years ago
Really well done mix. Good tune too.
12 years ago
I hope they train real hard so they can armbar my car when I run over them.
12 years ago
Knarks, you don't know shit. cro cop and silva only fought once, and under those special rules, it was a draw, he didnt get any 'championship'.

Fedor Emelianenko didn't get up and knock out randleman, the fight stayed on the ground where pulled a kimura on kevin.

his brother, Aleksander is nowhere near as good as he is, plus he has never ever even fought in the UFC.

where do u get ur info from?
12 years ago
BOOM HEADSHOT!!! .... BOOM HEADSHOT!!! .......BOOM HEADSHOT!!!...BOOM HEADSHOT!!! BOOm HEADSHOt!! Boom HEadShot!! Boom Headshot! boom headshot.....

I'm all out.... someone take over...
12 years ago
Hey guys,
I have been watching muchosucko for years.
Finally decided to register.

What is the song called on this?
12 years ago
Here ya go lighters

Song : Furious Angels
Artist : Rob Dougan
12 years ago
Wow that was great editing kudos to whomever did that and some great clips as well
12 years ago
No so sure about the clips. Looks like a bunch of people prancing about with boxing gloves on. Music fucking rocks, though. Rob Dougan is brilliant. I have his album and it's top fucking bollocks.

Nicely done vid
12 years ago
The beginning of the song reminds me of Road to Hell by Chris Rea, also a great song. And yeh, the video was sick! Man..you see the guy plowing the other dude agains the ropes with his fists of fury? Jesus..these fights are NUTS.
12 years ago
WHOOOOAAAAA that was awesome!! It was mixed really well, too. I like that song alot. DC Tim..."prancing"???
12 years ago
Kevin Randelman was the one who was messing up Crocop
12 years ago
Watching a vid like this makes me almost wish i was good enough to do it, but then again i have to wonder how much IQ they lose per punch/kick/knee to the head =/ ... oh well fun to watch !
12 years ago
crocop beat kevin randelman on a rematch, alot of people say keven got lucky with that hit.
12 years ago
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