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Moto Road rash

That is no fuckin' good


by Ani

submitted May 20th 2006

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Serves him right for doing that in a residential neighborhood. No helmet? leather? No rollbar? Fuckin' amateur squids.
12 years ago
thats what happens when amateurs handle big bikes. give him a few more months if he isnt paraylzed from this accident and i bet you he can do that wheelie he was trying for.
12 years ago
Good repost. I love watching the stupid hurt themselves.
12 years ago
I hope he didn't damage the road.
12 years ago
Everybody talking about that stupid jackass and nobody cares for the bike. What's up with the bike? How hard was it damaged? Could it been repaired? Fix your priorities!!!!
12 years ago
That bike is totaled, guaranteed.
12 years ago
hey GETDOWN!!! even if he is paralyzed...he could do some sweet wheelies with his wheelchair!
12 years ago
Lol, i liked the guy shouting
"that was no good"
12 years ago
I think we can safely asume both rider and bike are fucked. I think the road escaped with only minor injuries - just a couple of scratches really
12 years ago
Road Rash was a great game.
12 years ago
"that was not fucking good". you're right! it was fucking great.
love what happens to his shoes
12 years ago
I agree with johhny-ringo. Where I live, last weekend, a guy got decapitated, and his head hit two cars.The girl in the car was crying so hard, the cops couldn't get her to stand up. The kid was doing a wheelie for her, on the on-ramp, and came down wrong at the bottom. The car behind hers ran his head over. Glad I wasn't in her car.
12 years ago
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