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Taliban hunting in Halo 2



by Stephen

submitted May 19th 2006

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Lol!! The calls are the best!
12 years ago
That was bad ass! Oh! But so not PC!

Oh well. I am glad there are still some people out there with balls enough to do shit like this. That was classic.
12 years ago
It would be nice if the "people with balls enough to do this shit" were funny
12 years ago
This was funny and very well done. I give you props on this one. I agree with k-billy you have balls!!!
12 years ago
wow, that was pretty hilarious! Loved the Afghan call they were using, almost sounds like a oddball turkey call... lol
12 years ago
wow, those ballsy little fucks. they better watch out for all those taliban supporting motherfuckers out there.
12 years ago
^^ you mean the american left? The politically correct? The people that think America deserves everything that has happened to it?
12 years ago
Yeah! K-Billy!

Fuck the genocide-committing, mother fuckers. Fuck the terrorist who kill their own people and children! Fuck that who cares.

Controversial America, however. They're so much worse than the tens of thousands of Kurds killed in mass genocide by use of chemical weapons in the 80's!

I wouldn't expect you to catch the blatant sarcasm seeing as how you are utterly incompetent and completely fucking retarded. I don't necessarily condone the current events but you just called terrorists politically correct. Which is somewhat hypocritical because they pretty much kill to get a point across. Obviously the American's 'killing' in Iraq are what makes us 'deserving to what has happened'. So, if they are politically correct as such, so would America under the same standards.

Be controversial and unliking but don't be a DUMB FUCK.
12 years ago
Read up on the effects of chemical, biological, and radiological attack, and you might have a little more sympathy for the oppressed, as opposed to distain for those who try to stop it.
12 years ago
who cares, they're subhumans
12 years ago
yeah k-billy, thats exactly what i meant, you ignorant bastard. now im going to go watch fox news and jack off.
12 years ago
i saw episode of redvsblue funnier than that one
12 years ago
Still singing the "If you're against the Bush administration, you're against the United States" song, K-Billy?

Well in any case, speaking of supporting the Taliban, you may want to look into which country vigorously supported the Mujahadeen that gave rise to the Taliban. I'll give you a hint: It was the same country that helped put Saddam Hussein into power, and then supported him on several key occasions after he had attained it. One more hint: It starts with a "U" and ends with "nited States".

P.S. There is a difference between being "politically correct" and simply being ... correct.
12 years ago
that was very funny
a bit out there
but funny
i usually dont dig on redneck humor
12 years ago
I really dont think johnmerrrrrickkxxxxx or whatever his name is really grasped the humor. Too bad.

Oh, and TGI Friday guy. Hello! Nice to chat with you again on such things! Ok. I will admit that the US did in fact help these people into power to stop such other guys like the russians and what not. But seriously, your argument that we actually put these little shit turds into power and we get what we deserve is ill concieved.

Didnt your mother ever tell you this simple statement, "Hey, you little prick. I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it."

I do lament she never did that with you Turd, but thats ok. You see, the US is actually doing that right now. Whats your problem with that? You think we are just going to let our little palpatines get away with the shit they are doing? I would surly hope not!

12 years ago
Nice clip! I like it,politicaly correct or not.
12 years ago