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2 guys one knockout

2 guys from my school punch on in a backyard one gets beat the fuck down


by quiksilverFitz

submitted May 18th 2006

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saw the right coming, that was fun.
12 years ago
Never rule Headgear and large gloves out of game. More Glovage = more surface Area = bigger chance% for knockout. But you nubs dont know that.
12 years ago
But we do know that you look like a penis with teeth.

12 years ago
Isn't it an insult to all penis?
12 years ago
where's the zoundz?

Please don't feed the troll.
12 years ago
okay..head gear is to prevent your face from getting fucked up badly. surface area...wtf......WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH KNOCKING SOMEONE OUT?! landing a solid punch with enough force knocks people out not the gloves you moron. surface area.....bitch please. its the other way around with you isnt it? you probably still think the wwe is real!
12 years ago
Nothing like seeing a wigger with pot leaves on his trunks getting KTFO.
12 years ago
lmao, snivvle thinks he knows so much about fighting, what he doesnt realise, is that using words like ''nub'' in the world of all physical fighting gets you your ass handed to you on a pillow. piece of shit. smashT
12 years ago
Oh Snivvle posted. I missed it. Lemme take a moment to say what a moron he is.

Snivvle: Gloves do two things:

A) Make your hands heavier, and your punches slower. The heavier the gloves, the less damage the boxers take. This is simple fact and known by anyone who boxes for mroe than a week with a trainer.

B) More surface area has NOTHING to do with a knockout, you fucking retard. Explina to us, physically, how it would. Please.

Think about it, you fucking twat. It doesn't even make sense. More surface area means the pounds of pressure are spread out more and less concentrated. To get a "knock-out" from concussive force, your brain needs to rattle. If you spread out the pounds of pressure acorss a broad area, the blow is less directed and your skull does not move in as direct a line, nor as sharply. Your brain gets an easier ride and the blow is softened in every way it possibly could be.

In closing, you're a moron.
12 years ago
you could tell he was gonna lose even by the way he touched gloves.
12 years ago
I've been led to believe that taping the hand and gloving up increases the odds of brain damage since it allows the fighters to throw heavier punches for longer without fucking up their hands. I'm perfectly willing to hear that I'm full of shit here, however.
12 years ago
wait a second. WWE is fake? oh shit, my whole life is a lie. i cant believe no one told me that.

im not sure either Balls Malone, but i think that taping helps you get a more solid hit. but the gloves do slow down you punches. i think the tape might just be to keep from fucking up your wrists to bad.
12 years ago
that was gay. he didnt get beat the fuck down at all. he only got punched once
12 years ago
12 years ago
hey snivvle, i bet i could kick your ass
12 years ago
Actually, I was about to say exactly (more or less) the same thing as you Balls_Malone, well except maybe with the "I'm full of shit" bit.
12 years ago
I'm usually full of shit. Natural byproduct of being full of shit.
12 years ago
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