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Bryan Cranston in Preperation H commercial

I suggest you apply lightly


by Rollo_Tomasi

submitted August 21st 2013

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this is basically fucked
5 years ago
5 years ago
Remember the oxygen action jrob. When your anus throbs or sphincter aches, liberally apply Preparation H.
5 years ago
This is the secret if you want to prevent the hemmes, after you take a dump, jump in the shower and wash your asshole thoroughly with soap and water...Clean toochie, no itch!..
5 years ago
...itching doesn't have anything to do with causing inflamed hemorrhoids
5 years ago
No anal sex and more fiber keeps the anus less hemorrhoidal.
5 years ago
It doesn't matter smerffet, if you want to the swelling to go away, just after taking a dump, wash your ass with some soap and hot water, and make sure that there's not left over shit in their too..
5 years ago
upvote for obscurity..
5 years ago
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