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Kid gets thrown into ceiling

Kid gets thrown into ceiling by rubber ball.


by Stephen

submitted May 16th 2006

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too long
but too long
hahaha i need to start bringing a camera around with me, ive done dumber shit than that
12 years ago
Didnt need the last 2/3rds
12 years ago
i happen to be white but i have to make this observation;

ever notice that a bunch of white kids get an idea to do some stupid shit, video it, and when someone could possibly be seriously hurt (unlike this kid though) all they do is sit there and laugh at him?

they didn't laugh at that fat mexican kid.

and yes, i realize these kids stayed up watching too many re-runs of jackass.
12 years ago
yeah they did running lol, I know I would have. Dammitall though, these stupid little white kids... they still video tape some of the funniest shit sometimes lol
12 years ago
I think you always see this type of video of dumb white kids because its mostly dumb white rich kids that can afford to have their own camcorders an pcs an make this stuff
12 years ago
What the fuck are they doing rolling and falling on the floor when laughing? Are they trying to brush off the funny or something?
12 years ago
Yeah, it's all fun and games until your protection breaks.
12 years ago
hahah funny! Agreed, too long. Agreed again, they just laugh. Ahh he just has a minor concussion, so what? He'll go into a coma for a month :D at least it's on tape! But honestly...I would do the EXACT same thing. I think everybody should have a little personal camera, to capture those really fucking stupid moments.
12 years ago
12 years ago
This should be renamed - "Faggots laughing" nice impact though.
12 years ago
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