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Best Fights Ever

The best mma fights compilation. There is some good knockouts in this one


by Take-it-deep

submitted May 16th 2006

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Rampage Jackon's KO slam was pretty sick.
12 years ago
very nice
12 years ago
I'm really suprised at some of those clips, looks like alot of shitty ref work going on to me.
12 years ago
i fucking hate guns n roses. nice clip though.
12 years ago
Gotta luv MMA
12 years ago
that was pretty damn good, but ive already seen most. like 4/5 the way through those two little skinny guys looked so fucking fast. he did a spinarooni on his back in like half a second.
12 years ago
yeah the guy adam is talking about with the eagle tattoo on his back is fucking sweet as hell, cant remember is name though.
12 years ago
Fuck i hate submission humping....i mean fighting, you might as well go on wrestling bunch of butt pirates
12 years ago
adam is talking about Genki Sudo
12 years ago
Too right kabuki. The Gracies an the like have to be the most boring to watch, you want to see them beating the shit out of eachother
12 years ago
Thank god someone is repping MMA. Oh yeah and for all those who complain about the ground game. Go fuck yourself, there is no MMA without the ground game. You ignorant hillbilly dipshits can't begin to understand the endurance and conditioning needed for Jiu jitsu and grappling.

Go watch NASCAR whilst you smoke low quality meth out of broken light bulbs, you life long republicans!
12 years ago
I liked how the one guy's leg just snapped in half when they were just standing there.

They should have showed Mayorga gettin knocked on his ass in a minute and a half. De La Hoya raped him, you can see his eyes right before the ref stopped the fight and he was fucking possessed.
12 years ago
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