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A plate would have been more sanitary.


Is it more gross, or less gross, if it's their own? Does it even matter? Please vote in "comments". 18+


by Pompazoidee

submitted May 16th 2006

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What the fuck is this- the new circle of life?
12 years ago
12 years ago
Anyone remember Recycle Rex?
12 years ago
Even cleaning up after my dogs makes me barf sometimes
12 years ago
i threw up a little bit in my mouth. and then i ate it. jesus i'm one of them!
12 years ago
I can't believe he ate the whole thing.
12 years ago
Eliminating the middle man
12 years ago
I'm feeling hungry now. Damnit, I demand warnings on these type of videos!
12 years ago
did he cover his nose so that he wouldnt smell it? i mean, youre tasting it already, why cover up your nose?
12 years ago
^ because a lot of the things you taste, taste that way because of what they smell like at the time... didn't you ever do the experiment in school when you were a kid of closing your eyes and smell one thing while eating another? the thing you are eating starts to kind of taste like what you are smelling :P... so.... yeah :(
12 years ago
Mother fucking fuck, this really brings new meaning to the bumper sticker, "Eat Shit and Die" I would really hate to be standing next to this dirt bag on the train in the morning on my way to work, shit breath indeed. Someone kill this fuck and the rest of the shit eating secret society members. Sick fucks
12 years ago
i posted this last week, but I said that what little racist fags do together in thier spare time.
12 years ago
yeah youre right yak, i forgot about that..
12 years ago
I'm surprised he ate it all. Usually in these videos they don't even swallow it. Truly remarkable.
11 years ago
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