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Skating in the Park


by DangerousDug

submitted August 19th 2013

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this is weak
wasn't his fault
and she's not to blame
4 years ago
also no blood or aftermath
4 years ago
If that's a skatepark, then fuck that kid. If not, still fuck that kid.
4 years ago
it's a skatepark
4 years ago
Yeah I see the rails now.
4 years ago
If the kid doesn't ride a skate, he shouldn't be wandering around alone in there
4 years ago
That is some great shitty parenting right there. Not only do you not supervise your child as he runs around a skate park you then let him watch his lesbian mother get violent right in front of him. That kid is on a great path.
4 years ago
i would have took that skateboard and smacked her face with it if she had punched me like that for a accident like that
4 years ago
Stupid fucking niggers.
4 years ago
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