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Oranges vs. man at 100+mph

I doubt this would hurt me at all cause I'd have a fresh thick layer of shit protecting my ass.


by caleg

submitted May 15th 2006

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god white people are so stupid
12 years ago
But yet so fucking funny.
12 years ago
^^ Amen Johnny
12 years ago
god white people are so stupid, they could never have great minds like Descartes, Newton, Turing, Einstein, like us perfect brown people.
12 years ago
jhonny knoxville just likes to have men fling their giant balls in his face
12 years ago
wowdude; your people didnt even invent the wheel you fucking ape.

but yes that was stupid...johnny knoxville is a cock
12 years ago
These guys are truly gods amongst men :')
12 years ago
Call me crazy but I don't think Knoxville was moving at 100+ mph.
12 years ago
I don't know, Sevym. When that first orange punched a hole in the backdrop, I reckon Knoxville's gonads got sucked up at better than 100mph.
12 years ago
Well... actually that's all i can say is... well? lol I was laughin' to hard to think of anything more intelligent lol
12 years ago
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