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Dane Cook on oral

Dane Cook talks about his first time getting oral.


by Prophecy314

submitted May 15th 2006

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Dane cook is sweet, but hes no mitch hedberg
12 years ago
good shit
12 years ago
hedberg was funny until you realize he never had any new material, fuckin junkie
12 years ago
Oh come now, have some respect for the deceased. Both are friggen hilarious in my boooks. In fact..I submitted this video as well :P
12 years ago
how can you respect some1 who didnt even respect himself by doing heroin?
12 years ago
do you have any idea how fucking good heroin feels?
I didn't think so.
12 years ago
does that justify killing yourself by using it?
12 years ago
^do you have ANY idea how many great artists, thinkers, musicians, writers, and comedians have been junkies? Most junkies are extremely intelligent, hence the need to numb themselves. NOT ALL, most.Stupid people don't know enough about thier world for it to depress them. Most of the people who have shaped your culture, did drugs, and most of that percentage, were doing heroin. And not all people are horrible junkies, lots of them can function at the same time. Point is, if they were beyond good, and were a great influence, thay were one of the junkies you refer to.
12 years ago
oh, and dane cook is fucking great, and hot too.
12 years ago
i'm a neurogeneticist, i was a heroin addict for 4 years....
ehh, i'm also not dead.
I dunno, it wasn't really a thing of "respecting or not respecting myself"
I dunno what kind of suburban conservative drug outlook that is, but it's just plain wrong.
but yeah, i've never had a gun pointed at my head, i've never owned a gun, i've never lived in a crackhouse, i've never been raped or mugged when i went to cop....
you know what i think scares these guys the most is that they know that they probably work down the hall from an active heroin addict and dont want to accept the truth that drugs exist in every environment.
but, yeah, you two (oz and balt) sound ignorant as fuck.
get a clue.
12 years ago
Hmm..well Mitch Hedberg WAS an addict all throughout high school and during college, he quit later in life and paid the price for it with heart failure. Though I don't think it's KNOWN if those drug abuses caused it..we can speculate it did. He was a brilliant comedian, made anything funny, and I'm sad to say he's gone.

Thank you for those enlightening rants iloseatlife and ammonia33 - no seriously, intellectual conversation is what mucho as lost, due to Snivvel... and B.B. (:P) I'm sure that the fucked up Jap vids don't help either ahah. But that's mucho

Anyway...that's my 2 cents
12 years ago
I love junkies too especialy when they try to mug you or your granny with blood filled syringes an rob your house. The depths to which they go to get a fix makes them the scum of the earth
12 years ago
Despite the fact that this video was pretty funny, IMO Dane Cook's a little overrated. He's the kind of stand-up comedian that you'd have to see live or watch on TV, in opposed to downloading one of his acts or CDs. And don't let someone else try to explain one of his jokes to you... [lame]
12 years ago
yeah derk, i dont know how much the drusg contributed to his death. i mean...he grew up with heart problems. im pretty sure i read that he was born with it. mabey im mistaken. but but i really think the drinking contributed to his death more than the drugs. if the drugs did anything at all. and of all the drugs he did , idk why you chose to mention heroin, baltimore. you could have used marijuana as more of an example, seeing as he smoked it often with heart problems.
12 years ago
Dane Cook= God.....SUFI for life
12 years ago
Jim Carrey FTW!
12 years ago
Dane Cook is da shit, I've liked him for years. He's awesome on his CD's and Live.
12 years ago
So, Iloseatlife... Let me see if I've got this right. You didn't become a junkie because you have a shitty job. You didn't do it because you've had a bad life or a bad childhood... and you didn't do heroin because you no longer had any respect for yourself.


I suppose all that's left is that you're a fucking idiot and you're weak. Heroin is not something you should defend against others, just because "it feels really fucking good." It's a horrible, horrible drug and it destroys people.
12 years ago
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