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Ich betäube mich

can one of you germans be useful and translate this?

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by Jenbirdy

submitted August 16th 2013

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This is some sexy shit
5 years ago
I like this way more than i should.
5 years ago
♪ Me, me...the TOILET made me me...♫
5 years ago
Oh god here we go, but it's a lot of slang and weird words in there that are not exactly translatable but i will do my best:

You are a locked hair girl
run around town buzzed/drugged up for since weeks
You are used to music coming out of loud speakers
hang around in the disco with drunken todds/guys
and all the "Hot chick"-hottentotten-yelling
who paid for that holsten, hä? (holsten is a beerbrand)
at night they moan anyway, nä?

I numb myself
i numb myself
i numb myself myself myself
i numb myself (backround: "Of course!")
I numb myself myself myself
i numb myself (backround: where am i staying)
I numb myself myself myself
i numb myself (backround: you break me)
I numb myself myself myself
i numb myself

You and your gf are emancipaded?
What is this,hä? You suck so much to me!
Baby tell me, why are you hard and mean?
Sleeping all day leaving me alone at night.
I don't wanna know who you hang around with.
From hamburg city over flensburg to Pretzlauer Berg (yeah yeah yeah)
I think you have fun when i'm crying
I don't want that! Please don't go, ey, you are not allowed to! No! (backround "Let me!")

I numb myself with other backround shouts like "pleaso don't" and "oh God" then some weird shit dialog with half of it beeing english anyway about going to westerland and relaxing but the wants to party and dance

the i numb myself refrain....again

Last thing ist something like

"la-la-let go of me
la-la-let me walk away
la-la-let go of me
f-f-f-fingers away
ey, let me go away!

it's not a perfect translation but it makes no sence anyway
5 years ago
so, bedröhnt is drugged...
5 years ago
yes, drugged, drunk, wasted, pic your favourite, but she says betäuben, thats more like sedated but in slang the same
5 years ago
i meant in the second line...as you might imagine, i'm looking at the lyrics:

Du bist ein durchgedrehtes Lockengelöt,
klöterst durch die Gegend, schon seit Wochen bedröhnt.
5 years ago
the key terms all seemed to be slang, like Lockengelöt, klöterst, und bedröhnt.
5 years ago
yes it means wasted or drugged
5 years ago
J-bird finds the good stuff. This is fucking addictive.
5 years ago
U want sum fuk?
5 years ago
These guys seem to have an awfull lot of strange yet cool music vids.
5 years ago
good song
5 years ago
Deichkind is fucking awesome
5 years ago
5 years ago
Hauptschule , Hauptschule
5 years ago
Why the hell would you need an actual electric bass guitar in a techno song?
5 years ago
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