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The other side of the Dark Side

What they hell is an aluminum falcon?!?!? Made me chuckle.


by buntcubble

submitted May 15th 2006

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12 years ago
lol "do you know what this is gonna do to my credit?" fuck that was funny. I love the one guy looking at his watch while he's on the phone, heee!
12 years ago
12 years ago
Funny stuff, sounds like the voice of Quagmire.
And why can't americans pronounce 'AluminIum', its not a silent 'i' ffs.
12 years ago
Jesus Christ Metal, I hate how people turn random shit into a, "My country is better than yours" type thing.

I have a question for you, why is it so hard for Brits to pronounce their Rs? It's the same language but obviously things are pronounced differently, just like with Mexican Spanish and Castillian Spanish. Now get off your fucking high horse already.

By the way, the guy who does the voice of quagmire is the same person who does the voice of Peter, Stewie, Tom the anchorman and pretty much every other guy on the show and he's the creator of the show.
12 years ago
well metal heres the reason... its spelled differently over in america...
*just fyi* (the i in that is not silent)

12 years ago
I heard somewhere that the american prononciation of aluminium is the correct way to pronounce it, im australian myself and we pronounce it with the i, but originally it was pronounced as the way in the video.

Anyway, this video is fkn awesome! anyone know who put this together?
12 years ago

Aww man, I was just about to say that, lol
12 years ago
Can you tell me how to pronounce: "Shut the fuck up."
12 years ago
and exploitedyouth87, i hate it when people blow a comment out of all proportion, now stfu already.
12 years ago
Robot Chicken is the greatest. Does anyone know if the first season DVD is uncensored? I still haven't bought it yet.
12 years ago
Holy shit that was funny heh definately up there with the dude dancing video
12 years ago
crazedshep its from a show called robot chicken
probably able to find it on amazon or something if you dont get it in aussie land
12 years ago
is it VIT-uh-mins or VITE-ah-mins?
12 years ago
cheers yak, i think its on cable, but im a tight bastard
12 years ago
On no! not the credit rating! haha, Very funny Robot Chicken spot. Beieng emporor is a hella lotta work. Turkey club for me.
12 years ago
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