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The Pain of Embarrament


by SmokeFuckinDope

submitted August 12th 2013

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God dammit... embarrassment... today is just not my day
5 years ago
How embarraming
5 years ago
Would have been better if they did a lesbian cam show together lol
3 years ago
foken sheit, where's me fish'n chips?
5 years ago
Ana warm pint'a lagah!
5 years ago
please knock first, you fat ass, mouth breathing ugly bitch!!
5 years ago
I'm gonna go ahead and blame it on the older one.
5 years ago
OK MAGAWD!! I JUST CAUGHT A BABY ONE OF THOSE CREEPY FUCKING centipedes.... you still want it?
5 years ago
Can I have it ????
5 years ago
magawd... paging magawd
5 years ago
bro you spelled embarsmint wrong
5 years ago
i bet the poo was red
5 years ago
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