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Wolf Blitzer - People So Poor, So Black

"You simply get chills every time you see these poor individuals, as Jack Cafferty just pointed out, so tragically, so many of these people, almost all of them that we see, are so poor and they are so black, and this is going to raise lots of questions for people who are watching this story unfold."


by RyogaVee

submitted May 14th 2006

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so poor they counldn't even afford to pay attention

I'll tell you what happened, those black people heard a white person on the radio, and they turned it back to hip hop
then when the Hurricane hit they were like "why din' anybudy tel us bout' dis?"
12 years ago
12 years ago
Yeah, the question it raised in my mind was, "How fuckin' funny?" I bet he cringes everytime he sees someone who's "so black".<br>
I'll tell you who's "so black", Wesley Snipes.<br>
"Yo momma's so black and her teeth are so yellow that when shes smiles she looks like the top of a Pittsburg Steelers helmet."<br>
"Yo mommas so black the police are much more likely to assume shes a crack
whore and feel justified in treating her abusively than they would if she
had lighter toned skin."<br>
Heh heh heh..
12 years ago
thrax , OMG, I really LaughedOutLoud at this one :P!!
12 years ago
they are sOOOOOOO BLACK.
12 years ago
how black are they?
12 years ago
"Darkness Is Spreadin'"
12 years ago
I hope those SO very black people get outta the water before James, the ni**a hatin' dolphin finds them.
12 years ago
funny how not fucking ONE of these comments are anything but fucking racist, and nobody here thinks that was a sad, sad thing to say and a freudian slip. You people are hypocrites.
12 years ago
obviously except for ryoga's comment, lol
12 years ago

If you want to preach go to a fucking church.. sissy.
12 years ago
I fail to see how being disturbed by the moronic racism which permeates the commentary at this website makes a person a sissy. This sort of shit is just a substitute for brain activity.
12 years ago
Ok..for each subject below..say the first color that comes to mind.

Nagin..New Orleans..chocolate city..looting..babyrape..murder..crying racism at every chance available.

Call me racist....but if you said black...or for that matter...any other color..that makes you racist too, cuz you chose to put the color to the subject instead of refusing to participate.
12 years ago
nagin? jazz... shitty flood as well. parliament funkadelic. idiots. fucking pieces of shit. stupid fukwads. the reverend louis farakhan.
12 years ago
Oh, fuck you ammonia33, you know the slip was funny. Apparently these people were extremely black.
12 years ago
l love it when the cocksucking american government preach to the world about equality and freedom, when they themselves deny rights and eardrop on peoples conversations
12 years ago
If you like it or not ammonia33, but the first post here from thrax is definitely correct in its content!!
ok, you're right, you don't have to be racist, but that simply doesn't change the fact that hes right!!!
A LOT of black people had been warned about the hurrican, and a lot of them just ignored it!! And that isn't only about how rich or poor you are! Most of the redneck poor white people carried their asses into safety somehow!!
And Nagin, who blames everything that happen on the federal goverment and racism, has in reality fucked up the most! just to name two things:

1.New Orleans has/had a budget of billion of dollars every year available, but none of these stupid fucks, especially Nagin, wanted to "waste" a few millions for upgrading "dehm stupit levees"! no, that money was badly needed for things like Mardi Gras etc...

2.his management was shit, for example he could've brought hundreds of people(especially old ones, children, etc.) out of the city with school busses in the first few hours when the hurrican hit, but nobody thought of it and by then they were totally flooded on the parking site(there were pictures of that on the media taken from a helicopter).

12 years ago
He put "So poor, so black" together because 99% of the Black Population is poor. They are only poor because they are too lazy to woork, too lazy to read, and write, too lazy to pass HighSchool. I dont know if it is laziness though, or just that most are pretty dumb in comparison to the White Man. I think both are true. Wolf Blitzer was right on the money with what he said, even though he slipped, it was in the back of his mind. People need to understand that Because 99% of the Black population does not work in high end jobs, and does not pass highschool, that maybe a better alternative for their lives would be to repeat Histroy and have them serve the White Man. Life was great, and everything in the World was good while Slavery was being performed in the U.S. Maybe in the future we can bring it back, becuase the Blacks obvoiusly cant do shit on their own.

Good job Wolf.

That will be all.
12 years ago
Snivvle you green toothed, puberty spots, caesar hair cut, incestous, rat fingering cunt.
that means your rat is on welfare and is lazy too.(he wont be happy about that) you already have your own black slave. its you rat, dont you have enough little black rat children to be your slaves? have they made your life easier? or are you still in mcdonalds makin ends meet for your plague.
12 years ago
12 years ago
z4ck , so youre saying that just because the skin tone of the majority of the people in new orleans was dark, they were inherently doomed? or could it be because no matter where or what type of people are involved, there will always be a certain percentage who will not listen to authority?

compare the number of people that left to the number of people that stayed, which was only about 10 or 15 k, most who were either too poor to find a way out of new orleans in time, or simply thought they could wether the storm.

"1.New Orleans has/had a budget of billion of dollars every year available, but none of these stupid fucks, especially Nagin, wanted to "waste" a few millions for upgrading "dehm stupit levees"! no, that money was badly needed for things like Mardi Gras etc..."

same thing in california, they need to leves there, but nothing ever gets done, or how about the stupid ass people who live in tornado alley, who instead of getting the hell out of that area, they always move back into the same fucking spot after tornados come through and rape everything thats standing. and im willing to bet almost all of them are non blacks.

or how about in asia, where people who live in coast lines know for a fact that they are highly prone to getting hit by sutnamis, but yet they keep going back there after theres a natural disaster.

or how about here in florida, where people keep wanting to live right near the beaches knowing that every fucking summer a hurracaine devastates anything thats in its way.

"A LOT of black people had been warned about the hurrican, and a lot of them just ignored it!! And that isn't only about how rich or poor you are! Most of the redneck poor white people carried their asses into safety somehow!!"

what do you mean ALOT of black people? was there a warning that just went out to black people, another to white people, another to asians, and another to hispanics? or did they all get the same one?

the reason most of the people you saw on tv walking through a flooded new orleans were black, is because new orleans WAS predomenantly black! havent you ever been there??

and it is true that the politicians in lousianna are corrupt, theyve always been that way, you obviously dont seem to know anything about it. new orleans is famous for its corrupt mayors, its been that way for 100's of years now, in fact, it was the main reason why there hasnt been a whit mayor there in a long time, because the previous one was so bad and corrupt, that white, and black voters threw him out of office.

and btw, if you need a friend snivvle there can be your buddy, just ask him where the Klan rallies are and you can meet up with him.
12 years ago
i read a line then got bored. stop typin essays you cock, youve takin the limelight from my funny comments. ^^^^^^ please go up and read my comments.
12 years ago
Snivvle, you ARE A DISGRACE TO MY RACE!!!!

12 years ago
Am I the only one who isn't taking this seriously and laughing at this slip?
12 years ago
^No. I laughed at the slip up too. Coyote Lightning er-Wolf Blitzer is a closet racists probably :)

Wolf is no different from O'Reilly... except Bill is more open about it :P Eh, they're both douches.
12 years ago
samurailincoln...you might want to spell check before posting an essay
12 years ago
or is that spellcheck?
12 years ago
Or maybe spell-check...I don't know.....hmmmmm.....whatever...
12 years ago
Loosenut....watch out..it might be his race, not yours!...whatever...
12 years ago
Snivvle, i hope your tooth decay rots all the way into your brain and kills your retarded ass, you fucking shit-toothed troll
12 years ago
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