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Nut shots



by Stephen

submitted May 14th 2006

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Most of those look like accidents, but man the boxer with the white trucks with red trim about a quater into the movie is such a cheater it's not even funny. Also, does anyone here anything?
12 years ago
Er, here=hear, jeez. I blame it on the fact that it's late.
12 years ago
half them nut shots are misses, and i wonder how they even made it to this compilation. but owie, some of them looked really painful.
12 years ago
Needed some funny music to go with it at least.
12 years ago
Yeah... most of them seem like misses....

That one with the dude who was in a headlock who was punching away at the dude in the red speedo thing was fucking priceless!!! Looked so french!
12 years ago
^the guy in the speedos was taking it though. Gotta respect that kind of testicular fortitude.
12 years ago
^If I was the guy getting punched in the nuts repeatedly I would have been munching on the other guys liver. When the nuts are under fire the teeth come out and shit gets FUCKING PRIMAL.
12 years ago
That guy in the UFC fight was evil - 6 full-on punches to the spuds. Fuck keeping him in a headlock, it's time for the piano wire.
12 years ago
God damn, that shit had me flinching. Man getting hit in the nuts is just a terrible feeling.

12 years ago
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