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Crazy trick shots

We have seen lots of these videos but this guy has to be up there.


by Stephen

submitted May 14th 2006

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Haha those shots where the ball goes then comes and hit the side then knocks the ball in would be awesome to pull on the 8 ball to be a jackass when you win. Knocking the 8 ball into the rack was cool too.
12 years ago
A lot of those were simple math, figuring out the angles and whatnot, but the cue ball control in some of them was amazing.
12 years ago
Always cool to watch. Reminds me of how much I suck at just trying to play it normally.
12 years ago
hey balls malone, pool in general is math.
12 years ago
oh, and i bet this dude makes hella bank barhopping
12 years ago
I know that pool in general is math, what I meant was that in some of those shots there was no skill involved beyond figuring out the angles and setting up the balls in the right places. This, as opposed to the others which involved a shitload of technique and shooting skill. Nonetheless, they were all cool.
12 years ago
I cant stop thinking about how many failed attempt filmed to obtain these few good shot.Ok take 243...and fuck that,i go fapping!
12 years ago
If this guy ever gets a girlfriend she is so going to sell the pool table. Not that that will happen.
12 years ago
This guy spent a lot of time learning how to control his balls.
12 years ago
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