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by balaclava

submitted August 7th 2013

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Chris Kyle wuz here.
4 years ago
Are they yelling Obama? And what the fuck is with yelling "allahu akbar" for everything? Blow up marines, "allahu akbakr." Friend gets shot in the face, "allahu akbar." wft?
4 years ago
It means 'God is greater/greatest'
4 years ago
Praise the Lord
4 years ago
I know what it means. I don't understand why anybody would yell that when their friend gets his head blown off.
4 years ago
It means, sort off, "let Gods will be done". As in, if it happens, it is decided by God to be so
4 years ago
Soon, the extinction of their race will hopefully cometh soon. Thy will be done! Allah Akbar!
4 years ago
That was pretty awesome
4 years ago
You would think after thousands of years of yelling "allah akbahr" they would figure out that nothing ever happens.
4 years ago
4 years ago
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