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Here's piss in yer' eye.

What a pissy thing to do.


by johnny-ringo

submitted May 13th 2006

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Why would you throw piss on a person in the shower? Step into the shower head for a second and its like it never happend. But the piss sting in the eye must hurt.
12 years ago
I expect the one in the shower is the one who failed to pay rent.
12 years ago
Orange pee can't be healthy.
12 years ago
Why was the piss clear when he was filling the cup but bright orange just before he threw it? FAAAAAKKKKKEEE
12 years ago
<font color="#804000">Tonight on the 9 o'clock news - Man murders everyone in his home after being doused wityh urien.. details coming up shortly. </font>
12 years ago
If anyone has seen Band of Brothers "....Ahhh thats my own piss for christs sake!"
12 years ago
HAHAHAHAHA suck on that...BITCH. Pure class.
12 years ago
that guy could find a turd in toe of his shoe in the morning
12 years ago
Wat kind of a little bitch does that. I wood nok teh fuk out of him.
12 years ago
How can u be sure that's a piss?
10 years ago
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