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nyan cat - genre hopping

If I was better at photoshopping, I would've put different muchoers faces to the appropriate music clips. :/

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by L0RD_QU3S0

submitted July 30th 2013

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oh yeah, quick warning: 1:03 gets a little strobe happy and eye rapey. caution to the seizure squad
4 years ago
ends at 1:16
4 years ago
Whatever smerf. You would've been at 2:28
4 years ago
squid @ 0:10, one of you cold-ass honkys at 0:22, jrob at 1:30, barret @ 2:40
4 years ago
Holy selfspam, also http://i.imgur.com/4OyFJLM.gif
4 years ago
1:50 is my favorite
4 years ago
0:22 was my fav.
4 years ago
that's so Dug
4 years ago
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