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Jana licking her feet

Typical foot fetish skit without all the obscenity


by Up-Yours

submitted May 11th 2006

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The only thing better would be another chick doing this to her. And where's the cocktail sauce? It ain't shrimpin' without the cocktail sauce!
12 years ago
People are running out of ideas for "sexy" things to do. First this, and now we're on to shit and fish sex in Japan. I'm willing to bet that, sometime in the near future, we'll see a video of someone either fucking a corpse or we'll see someone fucking a large knife wound (or something).
12 years ago
WHY?! She's not even hot..and she loves to suck her toes (you can clearly see her website down bottom right hand corner) she makes a living at sucking FEET! Who knows what sick shit she's picked up off the ground and started to suck. But I must admit, I like the way her tongue moves.

Captain Jack: yeh, soon you'll see two japanese guys trying to fuck each other up the eurethra....just watch, it'll happen eventually
12 years ago
and this is sposed to b hot?
12 years ago
F*cking sh1t jap p0rn. Is that jap gonna eat her sh1t after that?
12 years ago
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