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Fight from "This Island Earth"

Earthman and woman fight bug from outer space


by Squidley

submitted July 26th 2013

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Fight from
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Wtf ?
5 years ago
Did you bang your head this morning squiggles ?
5 years ago
Back when Squidley first saw this footage he spent a week in the bomb shelter.
5 years ago
1940's people are so easy to spook
5 years ago
Oops , didn't.mean to stfu you
5 years ago
The moog music scared me more than the movies did. This movie was made in the 1950's for children and teens. It actually had a plot.
5 years ago
moog music?

* possum does research *
5 years ago
Its on youtube
5 years ago
No russian tag?
5 years ago
He is a Testiculon from planet Nutsak-5.
5 years ago
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