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Earth View UFOs?

Pretty interesting objects wizzing past a camera orbiting earth, mini space debris? Looks like a few of them change direction...


by yak

submitted May 10th 2006

what do you think? let everyone know!
muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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if you guys wanna see aewsomw ufo footage, put ufo in the search on this ite. This site has the best 5 I have ever seen.
12 years ago
lol, wow I am tired. you know what I meant to spell.
12 years ago
It's not THAT late, ammonia lol
12 years ago
This stuf has been going around for years, not the clip but those white things that fly across the camera lense in straight lines. We even get them some times, like when you stand up to quick or the next day after a rough night drinking. White bright little things that go in straight lines from all sides. It has something to do with the way light is proccesed by your eye. Well its something similar that happens with cameras.
12 years ago
in other words.....they're ufo's
12 years ago
I saw a UFO once and then i woke up the next morning and my butt hurt.
12 years ago
^Biggest Idiot ever. It was a commercial.
12 years ago
So do you get bonus points if you kill it?
12 years ago
Fuzz the camera wont pick up stuff like the eye will.......If you try to catch trails from a glow stick with a Video camera it wont work.....unless you mess with shutter speed.....
Now iv seen the same videos but the stuff was stopping and changing directions......They say it was ice.........Any one thats been in fourth grade know..... an object in motion tends to stay in motion......these nasa guy think were stupid..........Well if you belive in terrorism youll belive what they say..
12 years ago
ive got to agree with jasin here, a camera doesnt work the same way your eyes do.
12 years ago
i cant help feeling this is fake. as soon as one leaves the screen, the next appears. i can tell after the first one passes it cuts to the next clip, but near the end the clip was not split. so unless these UFOs were doing a private show for this cameraman, id say something was fishy here.
12 years ago
that stuff fuz said was some retarded ass shit. it may be fake, but its definately not what he just said.
12 years ago
HOLY SHIT! JONNYCHO used punctuation! (see if you can find it)
12 years ago
i remember seeing this video when i saw an interview on tv with the guy who filmed it, i dont remember the astronauts name, but he says he couldnt explain it himself, his guess is that it was space debry, but was not sure.
12 years ago
I did say "not" that clip, but a few years ago there was similar videos caught on tape like at that big cavern where people base jump into, and a suposed expert was saying it could just be the way camera recorded the light, i just made my own asumption to the similar way people get those flashing lights that move the same way, probobly just a coincednce.

That stuf could be just space junk
12 years ago
Don't get so testy, I was just busting your balls. But while we're at it...

If it's "ideas" (other life in the universe) that we're talking about here, then comunicating those idead IS important. And I, for one, find the lack of punctuation and all the other shortcuts distracting. In fact, I don't bother reading any posts that I can't just read easily. No loss to anyone, I know, but the point is: you aren't comunicating to me, because I don't have the time to hack through all your illiterate-ass internet shortcuts. Punctuation aids in ease of reading, end of story.

And: Hahaha! You called me a homo after saying my insults were 6th grade caliber.
12 years ago
"no object traveling at that speed could have that much control to come within feet of the helicopter without the helicopter moving from air pressure that would be created"

This statement is easy enough to discredit...

We clearly do not have a complete understanding of physics. We have models and theories with all kinds of holes in them, and all kinds of documented areas where our current models break down and we have no explaination for why. This is where string and quantum theory enter, which are all but metaphysical in their current form.

To wit, an object that is already defying our current concept of physics could certainly move rapidly to within inches of another object without displacing air. Obviously an object moving this quickly and with such precise control doesn't adhere to our conventional understanding of physics. Why would it be able to break SOME rules and not others?

As a matter of fact, some advanced theories about multi-dimensional universes (which even Sagan contemplated), would support this idea. In this case, we might be just seeing a PORTION of a much different object, the portion that can be physically SEEN in a 3-D universe. Sagan used the example of a 3-D apple passing through a 2-D piece of paper. only a section of the apple can be seen at a time in the 2-D universe (the paper).

Lots of objects break the known laws of physics. When it looks like some kind of ship or vessle and is in our atmosphere we tend to get people who want to apply known physics and characteristics of flight to this object and say, "impossible".

Smart scientists always use disclaimers and hedges when speaking about things like this... so it sounds more like...

"It is unlikely that an object traveling at that speed could have that much control to come within feet of the helicopter without the helicopter moving from air pressure that would be created, according to accepted understanding of physics."

Then boneheads walk off and go, "I saw a scientist say it was impossible because it couldn't get that close without pushing the helicopter out of the way due to air-pressure displacement".
12 years ago
As far as the frequency of the objects...

The first one is clearly skipping off/across the atmosphere at one point...

The last few come pretty quickly, but actually, two come across headed in the same general direction on the very last frames...

Have you ever watched the leonid meteor showers? They don't call it a shower for nothin'... At it's peak, you can expect multiple objects at once, and very short intervals inbetween objects entering the atmosphere. I don't think it would be unlikely to see a sequence like this during one of those.
12 years ago
When your outside, occasionally look at the sky instead of looking ahead all the time. When you see one ask yourself ' was that fake? '
12 years ago
Omg, Balls Malone.

That defense was of 4th grade caliber. Your comma-replacing colons are distracting me. You speak too much of gammar and punctuation while you're completely lacking in both.
12 years ago
big shit? they're meteors
12 years ago
Wow, johnmerrickxx, way to chime in! Too bad I don't listen to morons, or I might have questioned myself. I have a feeling that it doesn't take much to distract you, intellectually speaking. In your case your technique in no way disracts from how ignorant you are. Congrats!

But seriously, I wasn't trying to piss anyone off with my first post. I just noticed that JONNYCHO had used a comma and thought I'd celebrate the first use of any punctuation, that I'd spotted, with a little ball busting.
12 years ago
METEORS DID IT! That will be 20 dollars.
12 years ago
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