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Bad Bloody Nose

I've had much much worse, and heres a tip.. if you don't want one of those huge blood strings... tip your head back a bit ;/


by yak

submitted May 10th 2006

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NEVER tip your head back with a nosebleed...the blood can go into your windpipe and be aspirated.
12 years ago
A blood clot, no big deal. Just a mass of cells and buggers.
12 years ago
Like Mako said....
And I have seen much bigger clots. Watched a kid pull out a 2 or 3 inch one once...was freaky.
12 years ago
Yeah, thats not good, Krezer...see alot of bleeds nowadays with the resurgence of cocaine use.
12 years ago
Ive never had a bloody nose in my life. Never been stung by a bee either. Go me!

*knock on wood*
12 years ago
stop knocking on my wood goddamnit!
12 years ago
Smatchy you better watch out, a swarm of bees are going to assrape you while Joe Rogan punches you repeteadly in the face.
12 years ago
I got knocked out once and when I came to my pants and shirt were just soaked in blood all the way down to my knees.
12 years ago
Good thing the paramedics were there to give you an emergency transfusion while you were passed out. Otherwise I'm sure you would not have woken up.
12 years ago
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