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Daily Show Earthday



by yak

submitted May 10th 2006

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Captain Planet = Gay
12 years ago
Hey Captain Planet was the shit when i was younger.
12 years ago
It really makes you wonder how this show is going to do if a Democrat president were to ever occupy the oval office.

What will they make fun of then? These leftist fags!
12 years ago
On a lighter note. Why does everyone discount the fact that Mars has gone up in temperature? You know Even Jupiter has had a rise in storm activity.

Hmm... Now why can this be....hmmm... probably because the SUN is GETTING FUCKING HOTTER!!! HMMM????? Large sun spot activity? ANd if mars and jupiter are getting hotter, it kind of makes sense the Earth would follow suit. I mean, it IS closer. But yet, they always blame it on "Global warming"
But yet, it's all americas fault. It's all BUSH!!! It's that fucker that's causeing the sun to heat up! Jesus fucking christ.

Interesting huh?
12 years ago
Actually we're getting an increasing shield from the sun, the Earth is "dimming". Increased air particle pollution means air particles reaching the upper atmosphere are acting as reflectors and thus diverting an amount of sunlight away from Earth and not heating the atmosphere.

Quite a conundrum that one form of pollution heats our planet while the other offsets its effects slightly.
12 years ago
i think we all missed the point that the daily show is damn funny
12 years ago
^ And we all hate those fucking niggers.
12 years ago
OK, I’ll bite: I’ll give the attention whore the cock he’s been so insistent about getting.

^ Up-Yours:
Your attention getting devices are the internet equivalent of screaming really loud and stamping the feet. Sure, this website is fundamentally about disrespect, I get that. But not one thing you’ve posted has been remotely funny, and your technique has to be about the most childish, amateurish, and desperate I’ve seen in some time. Even among the attention whores you suck, and you obviously know it. Here’s a hint: TYPING IN ALL CAPITALS JUST MAKES IT OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE THAT YOU HAVE NOTHING WORTHWHILE TO SAY. YOU SEE, THOSE WHO SHOUT THE LOUDEST ARE THE ONES WHO SAY THE LEAST.

So now that I’ve given you the attention you have desperately been seeking I can go to bed with my good deed for the day completed. I will not be responding to anymore of your ignorant, stupid, boring bullshit posts since you are clearly a mental midget.

You may now lick my balls.
12 years ago
of course the earth may not really be warming and the ice caps may not be melting. Read Michael Crichton's State of Fear. Great book based on actual scientific studies that say the whole earth warming thing is not true at all. Plus a movie star gets eaten by "cute little misunderstood cannibles" fun read.
12 years ago
I know we are not helping the situation. But still. Increased sun spot activity means the sun is putting out more heat. I think they have been looking at sun spots for quite some time now, and this is the largest increase in sun spot history.
12 years ago
you know the daily show didnt just start up during bushs administration. its been on for 10 years now. of course, stewart didnt take over til just before the 2000 elections.
12 years ago
Yeah, exactly. Stewart doesent make fun of Bush's bills he passed or his beliefs, he makes fun of him because of the stupid shit he says on a constant basis.
12 years ago
Still though. I can't wait till FUCK THE EARTH day rolls around. sounds fun.
12 years ago
From the little I see every week he seems to have at least a good go at poking fun at some of the most idiotic things the Democrats come up with too.
12 years ago
i love his impersonation of george w. he always huches his head and puts his hands up in that position and squints his eyes, and doesn't sound a thing like him, but it's hilarious!!!!!
12 years ago
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