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Light Saber Swallower

Taking sword swallowing into the 364th century.


by yak

submitted May 8th 2006

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Do you think in millenia, archeologists will dig up these toy light sabres and genuinely believe we fought wars using glowsticks?
12 years ago
why yes...yes i do. but actualy, ive thoguht about the science of the lightsaber. and in reality one could be created. harnesing the energy is already quite possible. id say the only thing that needs to be done for a lightsaber to be real, is the ability to control where the blade ends. once someone invents a way to control the length traveled by the energy, we got a lightsaber.
12 years ago
shutup i dont know whats dumber.. a guy that admits he likes deepthroating or the fact that he is swallowing something with an electric chord attached to it
12 years ago
Creating a lightsaber is a pretty big ass challenge. what are you going to make the actual beam itself out of? 100% plasma? Plasma spreads. Hence why we have them in a contained unit (in glass) in neon signs. There's no one to funnel the energy into one solid beam. And yes, causing it to actually cease at a certain point would be extremley difficult as well.
12 years ago
Yes, helloImBiziagh, it will be posible just as soon as someone figures out how TO MAKE LIGHT STOP in midair. I'm sure that one is just around the corner.
12 years ago
Actually, Star Wars was based long before our time and even longer before the 364th century.
12 years ago
^its also not real. but yes just because its called a lightsaber doesnt mean the blade is made of light. you cant hurt people with light. well you could. but thats not what its made of. its made of pure energy. in the movies it is supposed to draw energy from the body of the user of the saber. but to make one in real life wed make the handle produce the energy. would need to be fuled of course.
12 years ago
To TokyoBlue. Neon sign do not contain plasma. I think they are tubes with gas inside. They run an electric current through the gas to make it light up.

Plasma is way crazier than neon signs. The only way that humans have been able to create and contain plasma is by the use of huge circular plasma cores. Plasma is an elemental state that is extremely high in energy, past gases even. We use super powerful megnets to force the plasma under control without having to touch it and get burned. Plasma cores are circular because we have no way of stopping plasma, it rips through all known substances. We force it, using magnetic fields, into a pertetual circle.

All i know is that when we do figure out how to make lightsabers i am getting two.
and the guy on the video is a dipshit.
12 years ago
I wonder what part the Australian taxpayer played in this filthy, stinking, feral bastard’s three-and-a-half years of “training”.
12 years ago
Thanks for deepthroating tutorial. I'm gonna try this on my boyfriend.
12 years ago
A light saber is impossible...can you make pure energy into a solid? Can you stop it? Can you contain it to a single concentrated beam? lol I really hope they're never invented...think of the brutality of war then! It'll just be high tech medi-evil warfare.

Yah, neon is the 4th state of matter..they say you can see it if you put a lit candle into the microwave. You see an even brighter "matter" given off...this...is plasma

:) anyway, weird guy...I wouldn't be swallowing anything that I'd have to train not to throw up for 3 years for and FINALLY somebody who tells us how.
12 years ago
Heres a good read: http://www.exn.ca/starwars/plasmasaber.cfm
12 years ago
lol @ patythechik... Yeah he only has to wait about three years for a blowjob. I am fortunate in that my g/f does not appear to have much of a gag-reflex anyway and is able to accommodate my entire length in her throat without the three-year waiting period. Lucky me!
12 years ago
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