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Oh dear...


Here we have a girl whos DESPERATE to do something to herself, but cant. Eventually she just cant fight it anymore and does it right there and then, to the delight of everyone :) What a great video :) 18+


by Theck

submitted May 8th 2006

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i'veseen this vid before and i always wish that i had walked in on her pissing herself so i could ask her if i could suck on her wet panties and clean up her mess with my mouth
12 years ago
Sadly i have seen a chick do that. And Mauler......your fucking dirty, i have had a golden shower and that shit is nasty i dont see how anyone could enjoy it.
12 years ago
why does this theck guy keep posting potty vids, and saying how the girl really wants to act out something and has to wait??
12 years ago
<font color="#FF00FF"> Everyone has their fetish i guess </font>
12 years ago
Fucking disgusting, I was hoping "DESPERATE to do something to herself" meant something more along the lines of "DESPERATE to masturbate"... bah.
12 years ago
omg first the dickhead who writes in red, now ryoga has official gone superfag with his purple text
12 years ago
Epstrin.. you are on Muchosucko.. you should know better.
12 years ago
hahaha casper
why did you have a golden shower?
12 years ago
Iniguity has a good point never know what your gonna get especially when its under the wtf category
12 years ago
I especially like the fake look on her face when she like leans into the door "ohhh dog there nobody even in there in the first place"
12 years ago
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