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Automatic Door Sensors

Kind of a neat idea!


by yak

submitted May 7th 2006

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Wow, very novel. I can't WAIT until my local grocery store comes up with the idea of doors that open automatically. And what better way than THIS???
12 years ago
yeah its a good idea. until your running to get to the bathroom at 5 am and smack your head into the part that didnt open all the way at the top!! they should engineer it so there is sensors at the bottom of the slides also to open them so you can prevent that problem of it not picking you up on the sensors cause your shaqueal oneal!!
12 years ago
Too bad it works like a piece of shit.
12 years ago
<font color=red>No you are giving too mcuh credit. Shit works a lot better than this.
12 years ago
So those long dangly beads and strips of plastic outside my deli and fish and chip shop is going to be replaced by this?
12 years ago
If you think about it. It's like the same technology as the conveyer belts at the grocery store... they stop when they see something in front of the sensor.

Except in this case the sliders stop when they don't see anything.
12 years ago
Wow, how pointless. I'm plenty happy with an automatic door that has a motion detector and the whole things open, seems to work much faster then this too
12 years ago
Doesn't seem very secure. Not very solid. I get the feeling i could bust through it.
They need to work on those circular space doors. I guess the best way to desribe them would be to say the ones that open and close like a sphincter. But really cool and they need to make a big WHOOOSHING noise too. you know the ones and you know it would be cool to have them.
12 years ago
looks like a great idea for a place where you might want to keep a room a little more sealed then with a doorway, this way the opening is only as large as whats trying to pass through.
12 years ago
Yak is exactly right. The cost of air-conditioning in Japan is sky-high and the government is trying all sorts of things to get people to use less power on it (cool-biz). However, I think the interest in this invention might have more to do with the Japanese fixation on novelty than with anything utilitarian.
12 years ago
why did that giant blue dildo have boxing gloves on?
12 years ago
kind of novel, but too many moving parts, probably breaks down too often...
12 years ago
God thats such a wank idea, i think japs should just stick to doing the important stuff, like making better games and tvs, and finding new ways of grossing us out by shitting on each other.
12 years ago
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