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Explosion Propelled Rocket

Pretty fucking cool super slow mo. The smoke ring is a nice touch :P


by yak

submitted May 7th 2006

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Very cool. That camera man must be thanking his lucky stars that he was there at the exact second they fired that rocket, and he managed to capture it all on film...
12 years ago
When I heard that "Alert! Detecting Convenent movement!", this video went from cool to lame fast. Who ever made this is a talented queer.
12 years ago
Breaking the sound barrier thing at the beginning was fucking awesome.
Seemed really odd though...how could the camera man keep it in frame?
12 years ago
Krezer i think it's obvious that the camera was computer-controlled. I thought it was cool too, but it's hardly a secret how these effects were prucured.
12 years ago
Son of a bitch. They were able to track it the whole time, yet we don't get to see what it hit? Now I've got Destruction Blue Balls. Thanks Cortana, you slut.
12 years ago
Hopefully it was a crappy DJ homing missle.
12 years ago
Cool indeed. Whatever was on the recieving end of that thing is not very happy.

Thats the exact type of rocket I dream about getting installed on my car. You know, to clear shitty L.A. traffic.
12 years ago
^^ Let me guess, the trigger would be hooked in place of the horn in the middle of your steering wheel? I've had that dream too. But you gotta add a H.U.D on top of your dashboard.
12 years ago
Now if that hit an unarmored person, would it just punch a hole through them and keep going; punch a hole through them and detonate behind them (thanks to its great speed and the relative softness of the human form); or explode on impact? Could one of the military fuck-ups who frequent this site riddle me this?
12 years ago
An "explosion propelled rocket"...isn't that just a fancy name for a bullet? Obviously there's more to the video than that. What's the deal on the second little explosion about halfway into the video?
12 years ago
you have to keep the camera rotating at high speed to capture that.

the speed must be few hundreds frame per seconds
12 years ago
I'm not a millitary fuckup, just a regular everyday fuckup, but I will wager a guess.

I think this is a test of one of them-there kinetic missles or some type of kinetic shell variant.

The death and destruction it causes probably relies on crushing whatever it hits rather than penetrating armor and exploding (using kinetic energy versus chemical/explosive energy, basically a high tech cannonball.)

The explosions that happened mid flight may be in flight guidance. As the missle flies through the air, rotating, a guidance system triggers charges that change the flight path slightly by firing laterally.

The explosion seem to knock off a black cover, which may be used to protect the explosive charges during launch.

But that's just a guess.
12 years ago
That was sweet. ^^ monsewage that looks like more than a guess :P. Very nice.
12 years ago
that was pretty cool
12 years ago
Nice cliffhanger!
12 years ago
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