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Dog Bites Girls Lip

This chick got to close to her friends dog and the dog bites her lip.


by thatdude420

submitted July 11th 2013

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Dog Bites Girls Lip
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Pucker up babe x
5 years ago
she's got a purdy mouth.... lets take it for a ride.....
5 years ago
I broke a fight up between my stud dog and another male when I was a kid, I got something near this :/ still have a puffy triangle scar on my lip
5 years ago
I guess that explains why you're so..
* Jones puts on doggles *

* Jones Yeeeeeeaaaahhhs! *
5 years ago
Dogs are adorable, I take that as a compliment. Thank you
5 years ago
No, thank you.
* Jones rolls over for a belly-rub *
5 years ago
* TheAllMightyToaster scratches belly *

* TheAllMightyToaster goes to get the snausages *
5 years ago
That is some sweet needlework.
5 years ago
she should pet the dog before trying to suck his cock
5 years ago
It might not look so bad when time goes by.
5 years ago
love how you even commented on this, you dementia-ridden colostomy bag
4 years ago
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