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Pacman The Movie

So shitty its good. No wait.. Just shitty, but at least it has cheezy ghosts!


by yak

submitted May 7th 2006

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Yet again, watching stuff like this makes me wish sometimes that professional filmmaking equipment had not become so affordable.
12 years ago
It makes me wish I was too busy getting a blowjob to be looking at shit like this on the interweb.
12 years ago
Pac-Man and Laser Tag, who'da thunk it?
12 years ago
mmhmm..not bad...But I just can't see Pacman or Mrs.Pacman as a movie. I know if it WAS a movie that the two would pac..
12 years ago
I swear to god, this is something Uwe Boll would make, fucking faggot german...
12 years ago
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