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How To Sit Like A Man

Fuck your chair backs


by ClaudeBallz

submitted July 6th 2013

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Riker, what can you say
5 years ago
Well, I can say the following:

He is a faggot
He failed to fuck any green bitches.
Will always be Picard's buttboy.
May have blown Will.
Crusher should have done porn.
5 years ago
Pretty sure Riker fucked everything. He introduced himself to new life forms with his penis
5 years ago
Why do you think they called him Number One?
5 years ago
Because the only thing Riker closed was his mouth around Picard's weiner.
5 years ago
* ClaudeBallz now hears TOS fight music with that imagery *
5 years ago
Crusher is one of the best porno names I've ever heard.
5 years ago
How did I never notice that?
5 years ago
He was just unsticking his balls from his inner thigh.
5 years ago
The other manly option is spin the chair around and sit in it backwards
5 years ago
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