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Alison Angel Teaser


This girl moves around like Elaine from Seinfeld. 18+


by yak

submitted May 5th 2006

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Very nice. Very very nice!
12 years ago
I concur, but I have never seen Elaine from Seinfeld move (or look) this good...
12 years ago
Damn! My girlfriend has a twin!
12 years ago
HA HAAAA! The "Little Kicks"! ....right?
12 years ago
Rythm she doesn't have. Thankfully for her she's a world class piece.
12 years ago
^thankfully this slut has tits and a vagina or she would be extinct, more like it
12 years ago
I really don't find her all that hot...especially not contorted up like a soggy pretzel..oh well, song was good :P
12 years ago
drop some weight you fucking porker
12 years ago
I know. You're sad it wasn't a guy.
11 years ago
<font color=red>mmmmmmm... pork.....

12 years ago
I looked her up an she looks normal an no more special than something you would see in a bar on a night out. Vid is all lighting an makeup
12 years ago
why can't I dl the videos anymore?
12 years ago
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