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High Speed Wheelie Crash

This guy was goin pretty fast when he went down


by bryaninnj1

submitted May 5th 2006

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idiot. should wipe that stupid grin off your face you got lucky you didnt smash your face into the ground.
12 years ago
"Keep Filming" "Get out of my way!' "What did he do?" "Yeah!"
12 years ago
Dumbass is lucky to be alive, I would sure as hell would have a grin from ear to ear if I survived that. I loved it at the beginning when someone says "Get out of my way whore".
12 years ago
"be carefull or you'll scratch the paint" Jesus, that guy should be smoking the dick of the god that saved his stupid ass from buying the farm on that one. At least it appears as though he was on a closed course.
12 years ago
Toast, cigar. That... that's about it.
12 years ago
i hate these motorcycle assholes... too bad he isn't dead.
12 years ago
Someone explain to me since I'm not familiar with motorcycles. Is that thing totaled? How much would it cost to fix that?

As often as you hear of accidents, you'd think people stop driving them, not because of the dangers, but because of the financial burden of replacing them.
12 years ago
i agree with running blind
12 years ago

What's Biff from " Back to the Future" doing in this Century anyway?
12 years ago
My roomate let our other roomate ride his 2004 Yamaha R6. the fucktard hit a curb and scuffed the side up really bad. Cost him $500 just to replace a piece of the plastics and buff out some scratches. This bike is finito TOAST. Even if this guy wanted to salvage it, it'd probably cost him more than the bike's value. He should just kiss his jixxer goodbye. fucking idiot.
12 years ago
hate these motorcycle assholes... too bad he isn't dead.

fuck you ,you fat ginger homo cunt , dasbat fuck you too
12 years ago
Jeez Razers calm the fuck down.

On a side note, what the fuck is wrong with being a ginger asshole?
12 years ago
im a biker nowt wrong with bikers but he is one dumb fuck ha ha ha ha ha ha
12 years ago
macaroo, he's back from the future with the 2000-2050 edition of the sports almanac ;).
12 years ago
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