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Civialians burned alive and running away from car bomb

this one of the creepier clips of a car bomb aftermath. The slow-motion voice in the background doesn't help much, either. Released by polish coalition forces, check out the poor man's legs on the side of the road tearing his clothes off...apocalypse.


by ammonia33

submitted May 4th 2006

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crazy.... thats the muchosucko i like... but that still sucks about all those people though
12 years ago
Man you wonder how they can find people to carry out these bombings.Its not like killing your own people sends a good message.
12 years ago
how do you people LIKE watching this? some people on here are seriously fucked up.... you're the kinds of people that shoot up the school and shit right?
12 years ago
horrible stuff. anyone else notice on the road sign one of the places was 'Babylon'?
12 years ago
bad stuff. No matter what anybody says about America at least this shit doesn't happen in my hometown.

Oh shit. Did I just jynx myself?
12 years ago
the world is fucked-up
12 years ago
Yeah well, maybe if a bit of this actually happened in the States, Americans would have some idea of what war is all about and be a little more hesitant about letting President Muppet and his Armageddon chasers loose on the world.
12 years ago
Balls_Malone, "Yeah well" what you fucking moron? that was a video of iraquis killing iraquis, where in that video do you see an american? its people like you that make americans not give a flying fuck about what ever it is that you think, because all you spew out is hate. so youre saying the answer to stopping violence is to see more violence? someone like you already tried that in 9/11. howd that turn out? did the violence around the world stop? or did it get worse?

why dont you go get a nuclear weapon and detonate it in the middle of nyc. because thats your solution right? do it and see what happens. monkey boy in the white house would probably give the order to annihilate every living thing outside the united states. and if that were to happen where would be get the videos of crazy japanese girls sticking tiny eel fish into their anal cavaties?
you idiot.

and you seem to lack a fundamental understanding of how the US stays on top of everyone else. its war you fucking dumb ass, the US has an infrastructure designed to be fed by war, the more we fight the more we grow.
so be the hating retard that you are, and keep on wanting for americans to die, it only makes the US stronger, but youre too much of an idiot to see that.
12 years ago
^^^^^^^^^^^^ That is the stupidest thing i have ever heard!
12 years ago
eh...ive seen much worse
12 years ago
12 years ago
I bet we are worse than the fucking cavemen were.
12 years ago
'We' as in the US or 'we' as in humanity. Though, I don't like the war (and have to return soon) I still don't like that fact that some piece of shit out there could care less about a man with almost the worst case of genocide and oppression ever, makes a bigger deal out of retaliation against oppression than a strike on 3,000 innocent people at the towers (read who was in the tower that day... many foreigners, Iraqis, Saudis, Kurds, etc.), and can possibly take the side of these insurgents. We're not fighting Iraq, we're fighting for them.

I honestly doubt any of you know anything other than what politics and media shove down your throat.

Many of the insurgents out there are not Iraqis. Many of them are other people from around the world who want to fight Americans. We go over there trying to destroy Saddam's regime and bring some type of organization to better this broken country. Others from around the world go there to fight us. They are taught to hate Americans. As in 'all Americans simply for being American'.

So it's okay to hate Americans (as in all Americans) but if anyone ever hated an entire nation or race it's considered biased or racist.

Fuck you. You can hate the politics that you don't know and understand, and you can think you know what the fuck is going on but duly shut the fuck up you pompous fucks with your goddamn ignorance-fed perspective on what you think is right or wrong.

12 years ago
Yeah johnny because you know more then us, right! Just because you saw a training video made by the marines and desided to join them! You believe what ever your C.O. said, so you know more then everyone else! Nice thinking! Keep believing that you guys are out their betering the future of the Iraqies! seriously, why are you fighting in Iraq when their are tons of other nation batteling with the same problem? The oil is a coinsedence, right?

P.S.: Lol at libaratethis!
12 years ago
BTW johnny you do say fuck alot! Not getting any?

P.S.: give me the reason!

(possible responds)

your responds: sir, i don't know, sir?
12 years ago
That's right you can call me sir!
12 years ago
I have theory which is looking very plausable lately,Iraq is next door to Iran so you cant get more strategic then that, maybe Bushs whole plan from the start is to protect Israel an sort out the middle east problem once an for all an have world domination of the oil market. But then again no wants anyone with the name mohamed in charge of a nuke
12 years ago
Quite a coincidence that any opinion that doesn't jive with yours is ill-informed and ignorant, johnmerrickxx. Yeah, all the soldiers I've ever talked to are really well informed and clear thinking people. What the fuck does 911 have to with Iraq? If you're so well informed, tell me that. The only connection is the one in the propaganda that they shovel down your throat.

Yes, it's convenient right now that Saddam was such an evil fuck. It's less convenient that American business interests were pumping his regime full of money at the exact same time as he was commiting the genocide you reference. It's just that back then we was YOUR evil tyrant.

I can appreciate that you've been there and seen shit, but, if anything, it makes you less qualified to talk about the big picture. You want it all to mean something.

And SamuraiLincoln: opposition as coherent and well thought out as yours I take as a compliment to my good thinking. Thanks budd.
12 years ago
Balls, you're a fucking jackass.

Shit like that doesn't happen *often* in the United States, but I'll tell you what, the footage coming out of LA after the acquittal of the Rodney King cops looked mightly similar to this.

The difference is, America has *fairly* well distributed wealth, *fairly* well administered justice, *fairly* non-biased political systems, and from our poorest to our richest, MOST of the American population is FAIRLY content, most of the time.

And, oddly enough, most civilized Western societies are pretty much the same. In England they worry about French illegal aliens trying to sneak across the Chunnel looking for work... in France, teenaged rioters get pissed when they feel like they're being picked on as a minority, but mostly, everyone just goes along, mostly content in most of the world...

Hell... Almost all of Asia, most of the Russian republics... most of South America... most of the time, most of the people, are mostly content...

But then you get into Africa and the Middle East, and you get THIS shit, 24x7. And they're not just happy having their little pissing matches among themselves, they want to export their rage, anger, and oppression on a global scale. And the common thread through all of these regions is almost ALWAYS Islam.

So you go ahead and keep blaming Bush and American corporate politics. If you can't see the common underlying theme isn't AMERICA's fault... then you're a fucking tool.
12 years ago
Sure pistsextols, the fights in the middle east started wen some sandmonkey knock down another sandmonkeys beer and they started a fist fight that really went to far! Then the U.S. came and tried their "peacefull" approach to try and solve the mattre, but they were attacked! Right?
12 years ago
I don’t pretend to understand radical Islam, any more than I try to understand Bush’s radical Christianity or Israel’s radical Jewish elements. But: a big part of what is going on in the middle-east and Iraq is the left over fuck-up from the handling of the collapse of the Ottoman empire at the end of WWI. The Brits jammed a bunch of different ethnic and religious groups into countries which were artificial creations. It took a tyrannical despot to keep a lid on Iraq. So no, this is not all America’s fault: I was speaking in an extreme to be inflammatory.

But, what the Americans (Bush) did do wrong is naively expect the Iraqis to embrace democracy and get along, contrary to a lot of information otherwise. He was warned, by the American military, that they would need more troops to keep order. So they went and decapitated the Iraqi government, removed any semblance of law and order, and didn’t do fuck all to replace the structures they tore down. > Anarchy. Now militias and religious fuck-ups rule the streets, and that IS the Americans fault.
12 years ago
* America's
12 years ago
what the fuck do you expect when you get these faggot christians creating weapons and want to see how effective they are. who is the only country to use the nuke on innocents? who the fuck attacked vietnam for no reason, cambodia, illegally created israel, armed saddam and ran to the saudis to give them help? and then piss and moan when they get their rewards on 9/11? its always the christians killing then expect the rest of the world to go on peaceful protest and hunger strikes.
12 years ago
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