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SWAP.AVI Part 4 of 4


"Scat Swapping porn. Metis video has arrived. SCAT Here you go! It's pretty disgusting and my friends actually started punching me when I put it on at a party. You have been warned. I apologize for unleashing this upon the world!" http://www.somethingawful.com/d/horrors-of-porn/horrible-saga-swapavi.php?page=1


by Rollo_Tomasi

submitted June 26th 2013

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Fake dookie
5 years ago
fake dookie is the only fake green day album worth a fuck
5 years ago
And what a lovely tea party it was.
5 years ago
Hey, Rollo...your avy is where my bands name came from..."The GoldRoom". Also, Sporty might kick you in the nuts for stealing his avy.
5 years ago
Sporty is a little bitch. Cool band name.
5 years ago
Thx, Rollo. I'm moving you up on my lotto list, sir.
5 years ago
"Wahhhh...I stole Sportys avy cause he's a bitch."
Cry some more for me noob.
5 years ago
I feed on your tears.
5 years ago
I guess those two with there shoes on didn't want to step in any shit.
5 years ago
Jelly shoes? Wtf?
5 years ago
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