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Bad Quad Bail

The jump and aftermath of a guy taking a pretty big fall off of an ATV.


by yak

submitted May 3rd 2006

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I love vids like this. Show the the fuck up AND the results. He might as well have been jumping with flip flops on...that is what you get for not having boots.
12 years ago
Fuckin PUKE!! DIDNT NEED THAT THIS MORN!!! dont watch this if you dont like seeing bones smashed through the skin....thank me l8ter
12 years ago
Yeah. Shit like this is the reason I don't want to be a Doctor. Looking a crap like that makes me queasy.
12 years ago
That is one tough dude, fucked up his feet and all he does is smile.
12 years ago
Did they say he already had a rod in his back? This is the reason why I almost advocate a system where if its found out you hurt yourself through your own stupidity, you alone pay the whole medical bill.

Are quads the most stupid and dangerous thing you could attempt a stunt with because it seems to me most potentially fatal outcomes happen on quads but it could just be me.
12 years ago
Although isn't it user pays in the US already?
12 years ago
Yeah.....blame the quad.......If enough people bitch about quads being evil; Maybe the government will ban them.
12 years ago
buy some decent boots you silly cunt
12 years ago
Walk it off you pussy!
12 years ago
Don't blame the quads! I think we need to make it easier for people do get onto whatever motorized speed machines they want. The easier we make it for the morons to off themselves the better. In fact, I think there should be a law BANNING helmets. Those things save way too many lives.
12 years ago
Yeah, the Toy Haulers and the Quad riders are generally the biggest idiots you're going to encounter on or off the road. They're constantly dying in these Quad hot-spots... typically when someone comes over the top of a hill without checking what or who is on the other side. We're in prime season for these guys, too.

And what is with the active-X spyware that pops up every time you try to watch a movie, now?
12 years ago
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