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Fuck Vacuuming


Fuck Vacuuming not Fucking a Vacuum


by DangerousDug

submitted June 24th 2013

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"I told you not to bug when I'm cleaning my room!"
5 years ago
well thank god there's not a peni....

nvr mind
5 years ago
Fun Fact:
A german medicin student wrote his dissertation about severall traumata on dicks caused by masturbation with vacuums. The Champion vacuum for this was the model "Kobold" made by Vorwerk, which had a rotor like dirt cutter about 11cm up the vacuumtube. He also put the excuses the patients into it.
5 years ago
So i should cancel my plans about trying this on my vacuum...
5 years ago
For the sake of comedy you should move them up on your list
5 years ago
Honestly though Dug.....you post an awful lot of gay shit for "hating fags"

Like.....you have to intentionally go looking for this stuff.
5 years ago
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