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Cement Girls

Like umm... Girls, um.... pouring some kind of cement looking mixture... you know... on their um, bodies... yeah.


by yak

submitted May 2nd 2006

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Oakay, I'll start!


Otherwise, concrete = raspy.
12 years ago
so, that's how they make those hot statues I always see at the park.
12 years ago
Dirty, dirty, girl. You know what we do with dirty girls...

Also: nice camera work! Nothing like trying to watch something smutty and having to deal with some failed artist trying to redeem themselves by being all "artistic" with the shots and editing (the chainlink if front of the camera symbolizes...). When I want art, I'll take a dump.
12 years ago
is there anything they won't let themselves be covered in?
12 years ago
^ praise
12 years ago
gah, cement will burn your skin if touched not too mention the dust from it will kill your lungs, my guess is someone is hershey squirting from above
12 years ago
nm its that pottery shit
12 years ago
looks like plasterofparis...or Hong Kong drinking water before the treatment plant.
12 years ago
you can make up any random fetish in your head and chances are theres a japanese guy somewhere that has it.
12 years ago
Awwww, you're all just mad that this wasn't a scat film.
12 years ago
What's with all the "ums" and "likes"?
12 years ago
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