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Biker vs Ledge

This guy does NOT land well.


by yak

submitted May 2nd 2006

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hes gonna go home and like write a poem and like cry about that and stuff
12 years ago
^ HAhaha! That's good.

Hooray for overconfidence! Without it we wouldn't see half of this shit. I think that it's a side effect of all those years worrying about children's self-esteem. Face it, not everyone deserves to have high self-esteem.
12 years ago
She must have hit her face pretty hard!
12 years ago
AHAHAHAHA... he fell
12 years ago
I like what he says before the slow-mo. "Yeah, that wasn't shit."
12 years ago
Shoulda just put an iron on his face = same result
12 years ago
lol i think that person is now retared after hitting head that hard "gwarhs uh husabu" at least thats what it sounded like
12 years ago
I'm sorry, did my road get in the way of your FACE?! Gain 30 pounds immediately or get out of my sight!
12 years ago
I guess it was a guy, it must have knocked all the male out of him though.
12 years ago
i think it was a combination of his pink bike and tight, restrictive, and low cut girl pants that did him in. wish me luck people i go to take my Calculus final exam now
12 years ago
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