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Mechanical Anopexy

whats that round thing he's using to hold the butt open? (no sound)


by icup23

submitted May 1st 2006

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Who needs med school when you've got videos like this?
12 years ago
its yaks butthole
12 years ago
Now you're just trying to get banned. That's no fun.
12 years ago
I will never pick up anything heavy ever again...
12 years ago
mmm bunghole!
12 years ago
icup you sick fuck :/
12 years ago
what's with this latest " asshole surgery without sound" trend????
12 years ago
initially i i thought this was a fetish video of a dude with an anus ring having his butt/chode hairs tweezed. the things that get people off these days. but nooooo, i was wrong...thankfully......
12 years ago
i think that white text was in portuguese. so, now al of you know what the anus of a portuguese man looks like.

The More You Know................................................
12 years ago
Maybe it's the goatse guy.
12 years ago
umm no one wants to see this shit!!!!!!!!!!!
12 years ago
this is so wrong. What could happen that is so bad you have to let a guy stick scissors up your shit pipe?
12 years ago
"whats that round thing he's using to hold the butt open?"

I think it's a cake tin.
12 years ago
12 years ago
ok from what i can gather here,the gerbil in richard geres ass had burrowed in,first they tried pulling it out by the whiskers,but it just backed in further,then they stuck a "habitrail" up there and tried to coax the rodent out of geres ass with food,when that didnt work,they rammed the "habitrail way the fuck up there and accidently cut the rodent in half.
11 years ago
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