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Rally Ditch Spectator Owned

Watch out for that turn... its a doozy.


by yak

submitted May 1st 2006

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That rally car would have ricocheted off of me.
12 years ago
What is with that announcer? Who's directing this douchebag? "Well Bob, could you sound a little more cheerfull? And try to work in a lame pun."
12 years ago
There is not a damn thing wrong with him. Thats the guy from RealTV, one of the better TV shows out there.
12 years ago
^ I know that it must be hard to find programming whose schedual jives with your time at special-ed, so I apologize for cutting up your favorite show and its mindless voice-over drone. It's just that "normal" people might find his voice a bit annoying, but it's ok that you like it. You're special for just your being you.
12 years ago
Chuck Norris you are NOT ok johnmerrickxx!
12 years ago
he said the bitch was "salvagable" Solid gold.

and i like RealTV as well. anybody with so much disregard for human suffereing can have whatever voice they want in my book.
12 years ago
thats NOT from real TV. that was a clip from Maximum Exposure
12 years ago
^ Good point. That is now officially what I meant to say.
12 years ago
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