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Hardcore Mcdonalds ganster rap.

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by yak

submitted April 30th 2006

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Bigotry is fun!


Want to see where I got the clip?
Check it out and learn something other than propaganda!

Think for yourself!

Fuckin' children.
12 years ago
Where in the hell did they get a pistol with a scope on it?
12 years ago
I'm just guessing here: they put a scope on a pistol.
12 years ago
yea son thats my nigger right there
12 years ago
Funny shit. Oh, and a lot of people use large caliber pistols and revolvers for hunting, most of which you can mount a scope on. Check out www.magnumresearch.com if you need to compensate for something!
12 years ago
Wow... I know McDonalds have been doing "ethnic" commercials to lure the youth who listen to rap, but geezuz... Corporate America is riding on the urban image way too much.

Ba ba ba ba baaaaa I'm lovin' it!

12 years ago
click clack, big mac, click clack... wow
12 years ago
man whoever didnt know that MBI's clip was from hair can go suck soem balls. hair is a good movie/musical. the live version was done with naked hippies haha.
12 years ago
btw since when is www.budk.com gangsta? (talking about the swords and other combat weapons featuredi n the video) i thought niggers were too lazy to use anything but guns. its the mexicans that stab shit.
12 years ago
Macdonalds Macdonalds KuntuckyFriedChicken and a Pizza Hut

Macdonalds Macdonalds KuntuckyFriedChicken and a Pizza Hut
12 years ago
12 years ago
You know you all loved that song lol
12 years ago
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